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MICHELLE CALVERT WAS BORN at a very young and tender age.

Shortly thereafter – about 30 odd years -- she decided to start-up a modern lifestyle PR agency focusing on creative thinking and changing perceptions. Taking on a no-nonsense approach to the industry, Calvert has lead Lucid into their 15th year of business and has become a well established firm offering personalized client service, efficiency and cost benefits of a boutique PR firm -- leaving the big-box, traditional, over-priced PR firms behind in her dust.

She has carved out a niche for herself, positioning Lucid as the sustainable and clean beauty PR agency of choice. Being an extremely conscious person herself - from what goes in and on her body, to what she wears, where she shops, to how she cleans her own home. Calvert lives and breathes clean beauty and living combined with her passion for working out - and makes a natural fit with any company looking to partner with someone who speaks their language and can communicate it to the press.

Calvert's background is largely based within the fine arts field, and holds a BFA in Dance, that oddly enough led her to pursue a post graduate degree in multimedia and marketing from Los Angeles Mission College in California. It was in Los Angeles where Calvert formed Lucid, and moved back to Toronto to build her company from the ground up and in her own back-yard. Subsequently, Calvert worked for a large PR firm for a short time while running Lucid, and decided to stay on her own and build Lucid to where it is now. Calvert has an office in both LA and Toronto and works between both cities and NYC on a regular basis.

Calvert has held the position of Regional Director of Fashion Group International Toronto (FGI) for two years, and just finished off a year as Co-Regional Director for FGI Los Angeles. She taught at the International Academy of Design and Technology PR to the Fashion Merchandising students, and The Spoke Club, and now The Soho Club - both private members club.

Having been sourced as an industry expert in both Fashion and PR; Calvert has been on various TV shows such as Fashion Television, Breakfast TV, Oh So Cosmo, and most recently, The Cupcake Girls. Additionally, Calvert volunteers for organizations such as: Rethink Breast Cancer, The Regent Park School of Music, The MacLaren Art Centre, and also ran her own fundraiser in memory of her mother, Gloria, Hit the Slope for Hope. This charity ski event to raised funds and awareness to help build the Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie.

Calvert enjoys spending time outdoors in nature with her rescue dog, Iggy Pop. She splits her time between Toronto and LA, and enjoys sailing and living off her boat on Toronto Island, and doing yoga, cardio dance, and hiking with Iggy in Runyon Canyon when she's in her LA home. Her entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, vision and ability to break through clutter clearly distinguishes her from the rest in the industry - Calvert has got chutzpah*. Her experience with fashion, beauty, interior and lifestyle brands enables her to help clients build a stronger presence in the marketplace, and set them apart from their competitors - bottom-line.

* chutz·pah also hutz·pah n : (Yiddish) unbelievable nerve; esteem; boldness.

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